For my 200th blog post I'm thrilled to announce my teams visit to Washington DC for the Inauguration of Barack Obama.  Regardless of your political affiliation, you can't deny that this is a historic event.  We will be there to interview, chronicle, and will make a documentary from the event.  As always I'm looking for a different perspective and view of the event.  Every news agency will have all the same coverage for the most part.  My goal is for us to document the days leading up to, day of, and the aftermath of the big event.  

As I always say I refuse to be labeled as any one type of photographer....that's why I shoot weddings, sports, landscapes, and photojournalism.  I don't do it just for the sake of refusing to be labeled...but because I truly find incredible interest in all these fields.  You should always chase what you love...and I love all kinds of photography that document life.  I'll have a video guy as well as my wife and boys which will be a blast and will have Chris and Karly housesitting while we're gone....hopefully our house is intact when we come home.  We will be posting pics and video all the days we are there on a daily stay tuned!

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