what is a real wedding workshop?

a real wedding workshop is where jason guides 5-10 photographers through an elegant, adventurous, unique, and unforgettable wedding photography experience through best practice wedding photography and the art of story-telling. at real wedding workshops, jason provides first-hand knowledge and education to photographers with an intent of guiding them toward becoming a confident, courteous, professional, and independent wedding photographer.

Jason’s most recent real wedding workshops have taken place in an 11th century castle in germany, anchorage alaska, and yosemite california. the weddings have included helicopter rides, photoshoots on glaciers, and picturesque mountainous landscapes. What exotic wedding scenario will jason and his team find themselves in next?

who benefits?

everyone benefits! Jason provides the bride and groom with a discounted wedding photography rate and the workshop attendees have opportunity to get portfolio building shots while Learning how to shoot, direct, and manage the spontaneities of a wedding.