Welcome to the Canon Project

The Canon Project represents a series of shoots that Jason did over the course of 45 days using the Canon Full Frame EOS R camera with the RF 24-105mm f/4, RF 28-70mm f/2, and RF 50mm f/1.2 lenses. Over this time Jason did a variety of shoots in an effort to test the ability of the camera in different environments that most photographers would most likely use this camera for including: Natural Light, Off Camera Flash, LED lighting, LED flash, Black Light, Color Comparisons and more.

The resulting conclusion of all of these shoots will be a comprehensive review that takes all of these experiences into account to present to all of you the most comprehensive review of the camera possible. We hope you enjoy the project. Keep checking back for updates as this page will be updated according to the release of the projects. We thank you for being here.

Gear used for the Canon Project:

Part 1: shooting with Natural Light

Part 2: shooting with off camera flash

PART 3: SHOOTING WITH LED Continuous Lighting

PART 4: SHOOTING WITH Black lights

  • LENS: CANON RF 50MM F/1.2 LENS and the RF 28-70mm lens

  • LOCATION: 4wall Entertainment

  • Synopsis: how to use black lights, fog, toothpaste and baby powder to create unique shots.

  • Links to Pics and Written Summary: Coming Soon!!