I’ve been a professional photographer for a decade as of this month. I shot my first paid wedding at the end of March 2007 which set me off on my career path to leave the hotel industry as an executive and to bring me to where I’m at today.

I’m writing this blog post and did the accompanying video to talk about the subject of reigniting the love and fun of photography.

When you’ve been doing photography professionally for a decade you sometimes need to challenge yourself to do things to keep that professional passion alive.

One of the most important things you can do is remember WHY you got into this in the first place. For me personally, I got into photography because it allowed me to express what I was feeling inside. It gave me the chance to to create what I see inside of my head. And honestly it gave me the chance to lead a fulfilling and FUN life!

Over the years there have been some who have suggested that I have too much fun. Or that if I acted in a more serious manner they would be able to take me more seriously. To that I say…

I got into photography for my life. For the adventure it would provide me. And I recommend others do the same.

I bring all of this up for the Salton Sea shoot because it truly was fun. It exemplifies a true love of photography and fun that we experience on our shoots. We did the shoot using natural light during the day and LED lighting after the sun went down. The Salton Sea is SO crazy that it’s just a blast to shoot at all times.

Emily (on Instagram at @em.explores) did a great job with the styling as usual and the shots bore that out. We even found an old boat down by the water where we shot that really tied the entire thing together.

The gear for the shoot was the Sony A7Riii using a variety of lenses including the 35mm, 50mm, 85mm and the 135mm. For a complete breakdown of the gear please click below:

***Links to Gear***

*Sony A7Riii- https://bhpho.to/2zu1lJu

*Sony Zeiss 35mm- https://bhpho.to/2tSBXeF

*Sony Zeiss 50mm- https://bhpho.to/2FmytlK

*Sony G Master 85mm- https://bhpho.to/2oNCFF2

*Sony Zeiss 135mm- https://bhpho.to/2FXHYrU

*Sony LAEA4 Adapter- https://bhpho.to/2IAPzi5

I’m so grateful for Emily for doing such a great job on the shoot and I appreciate all of you stopping by to check out the page!