This is a set of 3 images put side by side in Photoshop to show you something pretty interesting from my Supernatural shoot at the Moundsville State Penitentiary back in April 2013.  I shot this with my Nikon D800 which shoots at 4 frames per second, so these 3 shots were literally shot within less than a second of each other, all at 7:20pm, at 42 seconds.  

This was of the model Rachel at the penitentiary and it was a blast.  You can decide what you think it is...I just noticed it immediately when I was looking through my pictures in Lightroom.  The mist is to the left of the model, and the only reason the flash didn't fire on the third picture was because it hadn't recycled quickly enough to do so.

The pictures haven't been enhanced in Photoshop, just stitched together side by side for comparison purposes.  Let me know what you think!