PLEASE NOTE: You DO NOT have to attend this live! Everyone who registers will receive a video download of the webinar within 5 days of the date, so even if you are working, have a date, or something else is going on, you just need to register to gain all of the insight and information that Jason has to offer...:) Each webinar starts at 4:30pm (Pacific), 7:30pm (Eastern) time.

Course Details:

Frustrated at the thought of buying a domain name, finding hosting services, and trying to launch a website? Are you overwhelmed by the thought of trying to design and build your own website? Do you know the difference between flash and HTML and get a headache when trying to figure it all out? And does the thought of paying a webmaster to do it all just make it impossible for you to consider?

Well, this 2-part webinar series is for YOU! Jason has created hundreds of websites using both HTML and flash and can teach anyone his simple way of building your own website. The best part of it is he can teach you how to own your own domain, get hosting, and build your own website using simple templates for only $25 per year.

Everyone who wants to publish their work NEEDS to have their own website. Jason will show you tricks for maximizing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so more people see your work, and how to add content to your website on a daily/weekly/or monthly basis to keep it fresh and exciting for your clients and fans.

Each session is 90-minutes long and will take you in baby steps along the entire process so you can create and manage your own website with ease! What are you waiting for????