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Your online presence is SO IMPORTANT!  My advice is to buy a website domain with your name in it like you see it above for me, and collate it all together so your clients can find it all in one place.  Here's why....

As we all know the world today is full of misinformation, lies etc.  We have to worry about competitors, people in our daily lives, etc. who would love nothing more than to cause us some pain by writing a fake review online about our business.

In case you didn't know, Yelp is completely fake.  They filter out the good reviews you receive and keep the bad ones unless you agree to advertise with them.  If I deserve a bad review that's fine, unfortunately the vast majority of them are fake.  I have reviews where people say I hit on the girls at the wedding and got drunk....LOL.  For anyone who knows me I've never even had a drink in my life.

So take control of your destiny and what's being said about you online...it's so important!!