Casting Call for my Miami and Oklahoma Workshops!  If you are interested in a FREE shoot from me this is your chance!  I'm looking for either female models by themselves or couples.  This is for my Miami workshop next week on April 30th and May 1st, and my Oklahoma workshop on May May 7th and 8th.  The following guidelines apply:
*You must be physically fit.  I have shoot concepts and possible wardrobe options that require fit people.  This doesn't mean emaciated.  I like shooting people who are just generally in pretty good shape.  If you have any questions about this just let me know in your email.
*18 years or older- I don't want to mess with stage parents and worry about shooting minors...sorry.  The only exception to this is when I do specific children workshops, and these two in particular are not children photography workshops.
*Time Flexibility- you must have open availability on the day(s) that you shoot with us.  This means you have to be available starting at 12pm and open to ending sometime between 7pm-midnight, my workshops are very flexible on when they end!  You DO NOT have to come to both days of the workshop, just let me know what days you can do.
This is a TF (Time For) shoot meaning you get FREE images from me in exchange for doing the shoot. There will be no financial compensation.
If you would like to be shot (with a camera) and you have some wardrobe options please email me with the following information:
*3 pics of yourself- head, body, and full length (camera phone is fine)
*Email me images of you wearing the wardrobe you intend on using for the shoot.
*Measurements- please provide your measurements and for ladies please provide your cup size (it matters for the wardrobe).
*Let me know if you plan on shooting by yourself or as a couple.
*Contact Information- please provide your email and phone number.