This is one of the most personally special shots I've ever taken.  It's also one of my personal favorites.  This was shot in the Glencoe Highlands of Scotland during the most amazing sunrise I've ever laid my eyes upon.  This shot came after days and days of not finding a good sunrise.  It came after days of rain, bitter cold, and constant disappointment.  It came after being told that the weather wasn't going to break, that there would be no great images to capture.  I decided to still carry on.

When I'm not getting shots, I become very homesick, and shortly before capturing this image I felt very alone.  Something told me to carry on, that my perseverance would be worth it.  So I decided to get up one more time and see if this was indeed the morning that I would capture a glimpse of heaven.

My shots are incredibly emotional to me, and I feel a deep bond and memory with everything that I capture.  I feel I'm able to show you how I see the world, and how I wish everyone could see just how beautiful of a world we can have.

I remember after taking this image I called my wife and told her that I finally got my shot.  She is along in this journey with me as are my three boys as they go without their Father and Husband while I'm finding the most beautiful spots in the world to bring to all of you.  I am eternally grateful for their support.

I hope that when I die, I can be greeted to such a sight and that I will be welcomed into Heaven's Breath....

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