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Visit to see all the places Jason Lanier will be conducting his workshops this year!

In this video Jason explains his new workshop program for 2013.  Jason will be doing the following programs:

  • Online Webinars- $29.99 and up will be done to help viewers from anywhere in the world to be able to lern with Jason.  A variety of topics will be covered in series covering weddings, landscapes, pin ups, children, and more! Jason will also do editing webinars for Lightroom and Photoshop as well.
  • Meet Ups with Jason- $25 and up will be done in Southern California and anywhere Jason has a destination shoot or workshop planned.  These will be for 2 hours and will cover specific lessons and just in general will be a blast.
  • Workshop- $299 and up are 2 day workshops in some of the most awesome locations in the United States.  While these are traditionally 2 days of shooting there will be times where editing is done for 1 day of the workshop.
  • International Workshops- Jason is planning on doing a workshop to Africa but it isn't discussed in this video. International workshops will typically be 7 days in length and will be from $1,700 and up.