My workshops encompass so many different things because that's really who I am as a photographer.  I'll work on many different things like landscapes, weddings, fashion etc. on a workshop because I really believe they all tie in together. Many people say my wedding work is like landscapes with people in it...and I'm fine with that review...:)

This image was taken at my workshop in Tucson, Arizona.  It was a beautiful, clear, COLD night, but we found this spot and just had to take 45 minutes to capture the magic.  No lighting was used for this image, just using what Mother Nature gave us....thanks to all who came!

Next workshop: Las Vegas, Nevada- right after WPPI

Camera settings: Nikon D800, 1/100 sec at f/4.5, 16mm at ISO 1600, flash did not fire.  Taken at 7:27pm on February 12, 2013 by Jason Lanier.

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