Join award winning wedding photographer Jason Lanier for a 2-hour webinar that is Part #2 of a series of how to shoot a wedding the right way! The webinar will be conducted online via GoToMeeting and is limited to 25 attendees. This webinar will consist of a 90-minute presentation with a 30-minute question and answer session at the end.

Presentation will begin at 4pm (Pacific Time) 7pm (Eastern Time) and will be for 2 hours. Even if you can't attend live, all attendees who register will receive a copy of the 2-hour presentation so there's every reason to register now!

THE VIDEO WILL BE SOLD FOR $34.99, so by joining the webinar you are not only able to participate in this awesome event, but you're also saving $5!

All attendees will receive a video copy of the presentation which will consist of a presentation that includes pictures, videos, and the keys to success from Jason's weddings from around the world. Attendees will follow along by watching Jason's screen and at the end will be able to dialogue with him face to face providing their computer has a video camera. Regardless all attendees will be able to view Jason's computer and screen even if they don't have a camera on their computer.

The webinar will consist of a live presentation by Jason as he teaches you all the things you need to know about preparing and executing the wedding shoot from the pre-ceremony, ceremony, and post-ceremony shots from the wedding day stopping before the group shots. Presentation will include:

Preparing your client- giving your client the best advice to help them make their ceremony a great success!

Pre-Ceremony- getting the shots after you've left the Bridal/Groom room from the getting ready site to the ceremony site.

Ceremony Site- getting all the critical detail shots of the ceremony room before guests come.

Dealing with other vendors- how to work with other wedding vendors (videographers, wedding planners) etc. to make sure you all work well together so everyone gets what they need to get to be a success.

Shooting the ceremony- key tips for shooting ceremonies indoors and outdoors. How to avoid the pitfalls that so many photographers make. Jason will teach you which shots are the "can't miss" shots so you can wow your clients.

Gear- Jason will review the gear needed for successful shots in a ceremony environment including lights, lenses, and other tricks of the trade that help him to get the shots that his clients love!

This is Part #2 of Jason's series that teaches you how to shoot a fantastic wedding in this modern world. Jason has shot weddings for six years having shot over 150 weddings on his own around the world including Australia, England, Hawaii, the Caribbean, and all over the United States.

He has shot weddings for such prestigious companies as Disney, Starwood, Marriott, Hyatt, Montage, and countless gorgeous venues around the world. His company with the help of his own certified photographers are the exclusive photographers for the historic Christmas House Inn and Gardens in Southern California. He has shot weddings for many high profile clients including professional athletes from both the NFL and MLB.

Jason has personally trained over 200 photographers though his workshop series around the United States over the past three years. He has also trained over a dozen photographers for his own company as they have progressed into lead certified photographers to shoot on his behalf.

Jason loves teaching as much as he loves shooting and is excited to bring the learning experience online so he can reach more photographers who aren't able to make it to a workshop in their area. Jason has a great disposition and all of his presentations are always very fun in nature. All skill levels are welcome and can benefit from Jason's experience.

So register now and join Jason on this learning adventure towards making you an incredible wedding photographer for the new generation of photographers in the world today!


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