You all know how I feel about Yelp, quite simply it's full of crap.  People can write anything even if they have never even been a customer.  So if you piss off your neighbor they can write a bad review of you, regardless of whether or not they ever paid you for any services.  What makes it worse is that Yelp tends to filter out the good reviews unless you advertise with them.  In other words, it's legal extortion.  There is absolutely no verification system utilized by Yelp to make sure that things beind said are true.  So their claim of "Real People, Real Reviews" is complete baloney.

Well, business are fighting back.  The story below is very interesting and people need to think twice before writing a bad review.  For one, you need to make sure everything you say is completely true.  Two, you need to make sure you were actually a customer of the business you write about, because you can be found liable if your reviews end up hurting a business.  Just food for thought.