• Question- Hi Jason I have a photog question for you if you don't mind. My girls play travel volleyball all indoor gym lighting, and I get good pix but I really want to try to get better ones and more clarity and crisp for my Sr this year. Is AV mode the best for sports? I have a Canon 7d and the lens I have are 70-200 1:4, a 50 1:1.4, and 18-135. Do you have any advise or suggestions for me?? Thank you so much!

  • ANSWER- Thanks for your question. The real key to clarity as it relates to sports photography or for anything that is moving is NOT shooting in any priority mode AT ALL. The priority modes will FAIL you in these scenarios because they will drop the F stop so low in low lighting conditions that it will give you a very narrow depth of field especially if your lens goes down to f/1.4. Which means if it goes down lower than f/3.5 it will be very difficult for you to get proper focus on moving targets, especially something like volleyball. I'd also advise you that the 70-200 lens will become very heavy for you as you shoot unless you have the ability to use a monopod with a clear shot to the action. I don't know the exact lighting conditions in the gym, but I'd recommend shooting in manual mode at f/3.5 with a minimum shutter speed of 1/200. If you aren't getting enough light start increasing your ISO until you get the desired result. With a Canon you will start getting considerable grain at around 1600 ISO whereas with a Nikon you won't start to get considerable grain until around 6400. I hope this helps!