If you already registered for the Live Broadcast Beta Test Tonight at 6pm you have been sent an email with log in information to the event.  It was changed because I found out that GoToTraining does not allow video conferencing, only GoToMeeting.  This is the first time we've used it which is why we're beta testing and providing these presentations for free while we work out the kinks.  

There is no way to pre-register for a GoToMeeting (at least that I've found) so I'm not releasing that information out of respect to those that already did pre-register for the GoToTraining because we are still capped at 25 attendees.  If you are interested in joining us we only have a few spots left.  You can pre-register at the old link which is provided below:

Pre-Register Link Only: After you have registered you will receive separate information to log into the broadcast via email by me or my team.  THE LINK BELOW IS ONLY FOR REGISTRATION!


Important: If you've never used GoToMeeting before you need to download their software to be able to be part of the broadcast.