I am looking to do a series of shoots while I am in Morgantown, WV for my workshop.  I am looking for the following things and if you help participate with these items in the shoot I will give you copies to some of the images.  I need these things below:

  • Horse(s)
  • Model(s) Men and Women
  • Cape
  • Old Dirt Road
  • Any creepy or spooky looking house or building
  • Old Wooden Bridges
  • Old Wooden Fences
  • Pumpkins/Jack O' Lanterns
  • Sword or Axe
  • Anything else you think fits these themes!

If you have anything you think could contribute to this shoot please send me an email with details at jason@jlpros.com.  Shoot dates would be October 22nd, 23rd, or 24th.