To Add or not to Add, that is the question. Since photographers learned how to add skies and other elements to their images, this is a question that has stayed in the industry since Photoshop taught us how to do it. Personally I don't like adding other elements to my imagery, I want them to be real. That being said, many times I find myself going to a location one time, and if the weather doesn't cooperate, I walk away with no shots to use.

FOR THE RECORD: If I were to ever use a "fake sky" I would certainly state that the image is a composite. I NEVER misrepresent my work..:)

I pride myself on my work and the skies that are present in my images and like any other self respecting landscape photographer I will wait many times/days/weeks for that perfect shot. This image was taken during my workshop in West Virginia at Blackwater Falls. It's a situation where I only had 1 hour to get the shot and then we moved to another location. So either I use a sky from another shot, or I really don't have a shot to share. Thoughts?