Creativity- Don't ever be afraid to become a kid again when you are shooting. I think it's so funny that adults pretend that say they aren't creative. Creativity is a grown up word for "playing make believe." If more people stopped worrying about what other people thought about what they did, and just channeled their inner 5-year old and started "make believing" they would make amazing imagery. SO GO BE A 5-YEAR OLD AGAIN!!!!

Bridezillas- this image was taken during my workshop in West Virginia last month. We found this abandoned little house that was nestled in between overgrown weeds and a corn field. It was the kind of thing that's almost impossible to find in California which is one reason why I love shooting in areas like West Virginia. We had two models a house, and an idea….they were both in love with the same man and he was inside the house, all they had to do was fight and to the victor would go the spoils. Both girls took turns being the aggressor and I have a ton of great shots from this shoot. Camera settings: Nikon D700, 1/500 sec at f/5.6, 19mm at ISO 100. Shot at 3:23pm on October 11, 2011 by Jason Lanier.