Recently I was asked by a University in Europe to answer some questions for a class project they were doing on photographers for an article they are writing. I have split the questions into 3 sections and will be displaying them on the blog and Facebook in the hopes that these answers can help anyone else who might have questions...hope you enjoy!!!

Part 3 of 3

11. Who or what has been your greatest inspiration in your life? Explain.

My parents. My Mom is very musically inclined and is an unbelievable composer and pianist and she taught me to play/compose music as well. I can't edit images without music playing, it's part of my creative process. My Father was a photography enthusiast which is where I first learned what a Nikon camera could do at the age of 5, and since then I've been hooked. My Dad was also the best Father in the world who has now passed on. While I know he would always say he's proud of me (because he's the kind of guy who always made their kids feel great), I don't feel like I will live up to who he was. So I'm inspired to try and be like him. When I die if people know me as a famous photographer that would be neat. But I'd much rather prefer they know me as a decent and good Father and Husband. No success in this life can compensate for failure in the home. Believe me when I say that there is nothing I wouldn't do for my family. If photography ever got in the way of being a good Father or Husband, I would give it up.

12. What do you do to keep yourself motivated and interested in your work?

I keep myself motivated by trying whatever sounds fun. I don't place any limits (other than moral/ethical stuff) on myself. I figure if I want to shoot it, no matter the genre I will shoot it. That's what's so funny about my website/Facebook page, etc. One day you will see an engagement photo, the next day an elephant. When you are open to doing anything, you very rarely ever find yourself painted into a corner that can lead to boredom and shut down your creativity.

13. If you could interview a creative person (past or present), who would that person be? Please explain your choice.

You may be expecting me to say someone famous. But if I could interview anyone tomorrow for example, it would be my Dad. I would ask him his life story, and record every second of it. For those who still have your loved ones around, take the opportunity to get to know their life story before they are gone. Believe me, I had a great relationship with my Dad before he died and was there when he passed away, so I don't have any regrets and I know I will see him when I die. But if I could interview someone from the past or present, it would be my Dad without hesitation. He is my hero and along with my Mom and family is the creative force and influence for who I am today.

14. How many foreign languages do you speak? What are these languages?

I speak 3 languages, English, Spanish, and Korean.

15. How did you acquire your language skills? Did you awaken your creativity to study foreign languages? Please share your secrets and tools!

I learned English from my parents, especially my Mom and Grandma who were English majors. I learned Spanish through my Dad who went on a 2-year mission to Chile and upon coming home spent the next 25 + years teaching Spanish and in fact had my wife Kara in his Spanish class in high school. I learned Korean while serving for two years as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the Pusan Mission from the ages of 19-21 years old. It was the absolute best experience of my life. It's also what influenced me to adopt our three boys (triplets) that we have now. While on my mission we would visit the orphanages twice/week. I made a promise to God that if I ever had the means and opportunity I would adopt children into my home. A little over 7 years ago my wife and I were able to do that. It was the absolute best thing I have done on this earth. Raising those boys is my (our) mission now.