I am pleased to announce that we have scheduled another "Learn to Take Better Pictures" workshop in Shreveport Louisiana on April 9, 2011. Photography workshops are such an important part to learning photography as they present an opportunity to learn inside and outside of the classroom. I have tried to fashion my workshops from what I think will be of greatest benefit to my students. I base the itinerary, topics, and the way I present the information from the many workshops I have attended, trying to take out all the things that I didn't find very helpful, and amping up the things that I found to be awesome.

One thing is for sure. My workshops are fun, I allow lots of questions, and I focus on making it very real and tangible. I don't give out information that I don't think will be very helpful. I also don't have a problem sharing what I know because I believe that there are so many clients out there, and so many weddings to shoot that there is no reason to be guarded with what I know.

Perhaps the best thing about the workshop is the fact that we do a hands-on photoshoot. Many times I've been on workshops where there is a model and you kind of stand there and just watch what the instructor is doing. During my workshops I go to great lengths to explain what I am doing. I give opportunities to those that want it to practice on the models and I give tips that will help that photographer to improve their technique.

Come to have fun, come with a lot of questions, and learn to improve your skills! If you're interested in a workshop in your area please email me at jason@jlpros.com and we can come to your area next!!