Choosing a photographer is a very challenging choice. Do they do good work? Are they nice? Are they a good match with me and my fiance? Are they professional? These are some of the questions brides and grooms ask themselves in bridal fairs, at home looking at photography websites on their computer, or when meeting with a photographer. It's hard to choose, especially when there are so many choices and photography is a substantial investment.

Jason Lanier Photography is proud to announce our new "Take a Test Drive with Jason Lanier Photography" program. Launched in September 2010, the "Take a Test Drive" program allows our potential clients the opportunity to meet us and have a 20-minute engagement session with us.....for FREE! During these events the couples also have the opportunity to take advantage of Jason Lanier Photography discounts and specials up to 30% off that are only offered on the day of the event.

Couples who attend the event also are afforded the ability to book their wedding date for only 10% of the package price. We also accept credit cards and offer 4-step payment plans making it easy for our clients to manage their finances before a wedding which we know can be tough.

How does it work? We schedule the "Take a Test Drive" events on certain weekend days at venues throughout the year. During the event we will have several Jason Lanier photographers shooting from our company, each couple receiving their own shoot and photographer. Each couple is scheduled for a 30-minute time slot, 20 minutes for shooting and 10 minutes to review our specials and ask us any questions they have.

After the shoot the images are uploaded to Pictage where each couple has their own gallery to view the images. Couples who book with us on the day of the event receive ALL the images from the shoot, whereas couples who choose not to book with us will receive 5 images from the shoot.

Frequently Asked Questions:

*Is this program open to everyone? Yes and no. We offer this for couples who are sincerely looking for a photographer. Please don't book a time slot if you already have a photographer or are not getting married.

*Do I HAVE to buy anything? No, each couple receives 5 high resolution images from the shoot regardless of whether or not they buy anything from us.

*What's the catch? This seems too good to be true. There is no catch, we simply feel that you will book us after you have had the opportunity to work with's that simple!

*Can I do a "Test Drive" on another date if I'm not available for the day of the event? Yes, but only on a date for another "Test Drive" event. We cannot provide this service on a one-on-one basis. If you would like to do our standard 2-hour engagement shoot we would need to book you for that separately. If you aren't available on the event date don't worry, we usually schedule one per month.

*Do I have a license to use the images from the shoot, are they high resolution? Yes, you have a license to print, copy, and share the images from the shoot that you receive, and they are high resolution.

*Are the specials available after the event? What if I need time to decide but I'm not ready to make a decision on the day of the event? We will provide a list of specials to each of the couples that are scheduled for the upcoming "Test Drive" event BEFORE the event so they know the prices and the specials that we offer on the day of the event. This is kind of like the specials available to customers the day after Thanksgiving...they are only available during the day of the event. Clients do however have the option to call us and book the specials after they leave as long as they do it on the date of the event.

*Will you still like me if I don't book you guys? We don't get this question a lot because we book so many of the couples that come. But for those that decide to not book we give a sincere hug and thank them for hard feelings at all!

For more information please visit our website at or call us at 213-494-7744.

We look forward to you taking us on a "Test Drive" soon!!!!

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