We had prepaid $3,052 and they required it in advance for the 11 days we would be there, so about $300/day....not cheap but necessary for my landscape photography project that I'm doing. We got a taxi ($20) and arrived at BNB RV at 1:30am where they had arranged to leave the RV with the lights on and heater running with our name on the RV window. When we arrived we saw an old 2001 Majestic RV with our name on it....only 1 other RV was in the lot and it looked worse than the one we had.

Exhausted and a little cold we climbed into the RV only to find that the lights worked but the heater didn't....and they didn't leave any blankets or sleeping bags in the RV like they were supposed to. It was also missing any TV and many things were broken on it. The upholstery was filthy and it smelt like a Moose had died in it. With no other choice, we bundled up the best that we could, locked the doors, and made it through the night assuming that this must be a temporary set up for the night until our 2008 Winnebago Chalet arrived in the morning. We were frustrated the heater didn't work and there were no sleeping linens or blankets....but we were so excited about being in Alaska that we hoped for the best and assumed everything would be worked out in the morning....a cold but exciting start to our Great Alaskan Adventure!

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