I'm so pleased to announce the release of our newest presentation, "Has Jason Lanier Shot You?" This video represents a culmination of our work from the beginning when we started shooting weddings just back in March of 2007. We have been so blessed that our company has achieved the level of success that it has in such a short amount of time and I am personally so grateful to each and every one of my clients for making my dream possible.

Since launching 2.5 years ago we have been recognized as the, "Best Photographer in Los Angeles," by Fox TV, been featured on Lifetime TV, shot all over the world with some of my most memorable shoots being in front of the Sydney Opera House in Australia, in front of castles in Segovia, Spain, inside the Cleveland Indians baseball stadium, and right smack in the ocean in Pensacola, Florida, and most recently we had our photography gifted at the Latin Grammy Awards.

I have to personally thank the following people for helping me achieve my dream...and for their contributions to this company. Kara Lanier, Don Atherton, Cameron Lanier, Michael Atherton, Lorie Atherton, Brady Bluhm, Leslie Roark, David Jay, Joe Buissink, Chris Cahoon, Karly Cahoon, Heath Orrell, Christi Cano, and for all those who have participated in the intern programs over the years. Believe me when I say that this company has only just begun and the future is going to be even more dynamic and explosive than our beginning.

Last of all I want to thank Brittany and Greg Ethington for being the first wedding we ever shot....for their belief in what we do and their continued friendship. We have very exciting changes coming to our company as we look to expand our baby portrait business for all the brides and grooms that we shoot who end up starting their families. I am so blessed and grateful and can't thank my wife enough for supporting me through this amazing experience.