I get a lot of new photographers who ask me questions when they're starting their business. Recently I received some questions from a photography student in South Africa named Shelley and I thought I'd share the questions and my responses in the hopes they might help someone else....

1. What type of camera will you be using while you are taking the photos? Nikon D3

2. Where do you prefer to take photos, outdoors or indoors? Both, preferably outdoors.
3. Do you have an assistant that works with you while you are taking the photos? Yes

4. Is there and extra charge for the assistant, if so how much? No, it's included in my price.

5. Is there a back up plan if the weather turns out to be misserable and unpleasent? Yes, I will shoot anywhere. Being a great photographer means being creative and creating something out of nothing sometimes.

6. What would happen if you fall ill, and you can not take photos on the wedding day? Send a replacement photographer.

7. Can other people take photos while you'r taking photos? Not if they're not one of my team members...if they are using pro-type equipment. Others using smaller cameras can use them as long as they don't use their flash during certain moments where they could ruin our lighting.

8. What if we decide to change the date of the wedding is there a cancellation cost, if so how much? As long as I have your new date available I will transfer your retainer towards the new date...if you choose a date that I can't do I keep the retainer which is usually 25%-50% of the wedding cost.

9. Should the event last longer than scheduled what would happen, would there be an extra cost, and if so how much? I don't usually worry about staying longer unless it's significantly longer....like 2 hours or more. The extra charge would be pro-rated at the package price amount for my time.

10. How long after the event will the proofs be ready? 3 weeks....we do quality. Anyone doing them super fast isn't providing quality.

11. What reccomentdations do you have for the the bride and groom to wear during the *photo shoot* other than there wedding outfits? Usually tell the bride to not wear a bra if she has a strapless dress as long as the dress will cover her appropriately...the reason is because the extra padding in there can make her skin bunch up. Other than that it's their wedding and they should wear what they want. I try and give them direction to make sure their wardrobes don't clash.

I hope it helps. If you have any questions don't hesitate to reach me at jason@jlpros.com.