I started my last shoot in Hawaii with Christine Higa and it was awesome. We had several locations planned but I wanted to start with a long sugar cane road combined with a lot of wind and a very long veil. I've never been able to get such a long veil to stay in the air without having to continually hold it or throw it up trying to get it to do something. In fact the main problem was that there was so much wind that we were fighting just to keep the veil from flying out of her hair!

The two shots with the veil on the ground below were the only chances we had to get it laying down....so we took advantage of it. It was the start of a great shoot and I was so grateful to be able to get a lot of cloud cover as well as the sun to make for some very dynamic shots. That's the best thing about shooting in a climate like Hawaii....the weather is always changing so it can give you some pretty dramatic results. Hope you enjoy!