We ended our shoot outside on the road in the sugar cane that surrounded the abandoned building we were shooting at...and it was beautiful. I always look for conflicting things and can still come together to make a picture very dynamic but symmetrical at the same time. The picture below for example has a vanishing point that leads directly to the bride...both from the ground and the sky...so all the attention goes straight to her.

The other thing I like to do is draw some contrast with the bride. Sometimes a big white dress can drown out the person wearing it....that is the main reason I love to show some of the bride's legs in the pictures that you see. It makes the images much more dynamic and instead of just a straight white highlights of a wedding dress...you have the contrast of the brides legs...makes for a much more interesting picture. The key is getting your highlights and lowlights to come together to make everything work. It's like a salad where there are a lot of different ingredients but they can come together to make something that tastes great.