Walking through the rooms displaying the Accolades of Excellence winners at this years WPPI I am amazed at how much the industry has transformed from a photography related business to an art related business.  Knowing many of the photographers in the awards circle and how they got their shots....it is amazing to know that many shots are actually a compilation of 5 or more shots...combined into one.  I'm not saying it's a bad thing...but the awards hall should be a commercial for Adobe Photoshop...because the amount of work done after the photograph was actually taken is many times more time consuming than taking the actual shot.

Photography truly has become art..because it's not about always capturing a beautiful image in one shot...it's about using your portfolio to create a piece of art from the images you have taken...even if they are from multiple locations and different times.  The purist might disdain the current trend...stating that all photographs should be from what was taken...1 shot, 1 time. Are we photographers or artists....using a camera instead of a paint brush to paint our image? 

What say you?  

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