Yesterday I was giving my three adopted triplet boys a bath when Michael asked me, "Daddy, why is your skin white and mine is brown?"  I replied, "Well, your birth Mom is white and your birth Dad is Mexican, so your half white and half Mexican."  Michael looked at me inquisitively and then looked down at his body and asked, "Which part is white, and which part is Mexican?"  While waiting for an answer to his question he and his two brothers starting looking at each other trying to find the two different parts, white and brown....

Kevin then said to me, "Dad, I've never been to Mexico before, how am I part Mexican?" Controlling my laughter as best as I could I thought I would use chocolate as a way to describe the differences in our skin color.  I explained that there are different shades of chocolate....white, brown, and dark brown....and that all forms of chocolate are different...but all are great.  I told them that sometimes different shades of chocolate mixes with others to create new flavors...and the result is something my three boys.

My boys then started talking about all the different variations of chocolate mixtures that could be created and how they would taste....if only we as a society could be as pure and innocent as little children like my three boys....we would remove our filters that build up over the years and see life through a crystal clear lens....what a great thought..