While in Texas during our shoot we went to dinner at a place called Andy's.  While there were many choices available, we decided to choose a restaurant we thought would truly exemplify the Texas experience.  Neither Cameron or I are seafood fans...so we thought a great Texas steak would really hit the spot.  We walked into the restaurant and were greeted by a very nice server who told us to sit anywhere.  When she came to take our drink order I asked for a Diet Coke and a Dr. Pepper for Cameron.  She leaned over and with the thickest Texan accent said, "You have to pay $1.99 for each drink....."  I said, "That's fine."  She leaned over even more and said, "Are you sure....the iced tea has free refills....."  While I appreciated her concern for my finances I found this pretty funny.  I told her she was very sweet but that we would have no problem ordering refills if necessary.