Yesterday was a fun day. Everyone knows the Road to Hana...but prior to the earthquake the road to Hana passed through Nu'u and continued on to the other side of the island making a complete circle. Now, this complete circle road is broken in the middle by the earthquake...making two very long one-way roads. This stretch of highway is absolutely stunning and much less traveled than the road to Hana. This highway goes from complete green to lava rock back to green and is the most undeveloped part of the island due to the volcanic rock that is prevalent everywhere. The road is traveled so little now that I was able to take these pictures in the middle of the road and not even worry about getting hit.

We continued on this highway until we reached the earthquake damaged area and turned around. On our way back we found a beautiful country road and decided to see where it would take us. The funniest thing was Kara kept asking me, "Is it okay for the rental car to drive on this? Can this car make it?" I replied, "Well, we have an SUV...we'll be fine. I'm not so sure about Mom and Cameron in the PT Cruiser." We all did make it but not without having to back up for several locals and get some very interesting looks to say the least.

We ended the night at Bubba Gumps in Lahaina where my Mom treated us to a great dinner. I had some fun taking shots of the sunset (this was our view from our table at Bubba Gumps) and included the two shots to show the difference in the depth of field settings.....what a difference those lower aperture settings make! Cameron used his time to indoctrinate my son Kevin on the virtues of the Ipod. My boys then ended the night by continuing their photographer training by dragging my case to the car...which was appreciated by their Daddy...Life should be this good....