Life is crazy right now. I just returned from quite a day of meetings. I was out in Naples Florida doing some work with hotels out in the area. Yesterday morning I flew out of Naples to Chicago. I had a quick lunch at Bandera (great place), and then a 1 hour meeting with a client. From that meeting I left and flew back to I went from East to Central to Pacific Time Zones...all in one day....that's crazy. I stayed in LA Wednesday night and now fly out to Seattle. From Seattle I come back to LA and then 12 hours later fly out to New Orleans. Is this crazy??????? That's the reason for the delay in posting.

Good news is that I've booked a 11-day trip for the family to Maui in early August so they can join me as I get some work done out there. That will help us to reconnect which is needed. The coolest thing is that Kara and the boys joined me in the hotel in Los Angeles last night and we watched Speed Racer on the TV movies. Simple but so important to reconnect. I'll post some pics when I can!!!

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