In my last post I said we were going to go camping with my boys. Unfortunately the campsites were all I HAD to take my boys somewhere to not let them down. We decided to take a trip to the famous Queen Mary...a cruise ship turned hotel that was famous for the people it serviced and for it's role in World War 2.

So we checked into the hotel with our room on B-Deck...the ship is docked but still sitting in the ocean...and the boys were so excited. I snapped a quick shot of our view out of our two portholes and of some things in the room and then we took off to tour the ship. We walked down the hallway and onto the top deck. We met a group of seniors that asked us to take their picture so I did....after doing so J.J. (Jason Jr.) said, "They're walking strange..are they okay?" They had obviously had too much to drink.

The boys were just enamored with the ship. They couldn't get enough of it...looking over the sides, running on the was more than they could handle. They had so many questions....and it was so fun for me to try and answer all of them. The hardest question to answer was why the ship wasn't moving...I told them it was just moving very slowly so we wouldn't fall while we were walking...they seemed pretty skeptical of my answer.

One of the funnest things for me was when they started posing right a hip hop group...these were completely unposed and I had a hard time taking the pictures because I was laughing so hard. You can tell they've grown up in front of the camera.

We toured the ship as much as possible before it got too cold and then we went back to the room. My boys being used to room service (thanks to their Mom) immediately found the room service menu and asked for dessert. What kind of Dad could say, "No," to that? I ordered three strawberry shakes with chocolate syrup and a banana split. We all cuddled up in our King size bed and fell asleep to cartoons. It was a wonderful end to a fantastic night....just wait until you see what we did the next day......