The pictures below are from a photo shoot I did with a beautiful bride named Kara Boudreaux almost three weeks ago. We went to the Santa Monica Pier and had a great shoot on the lifeguard station on the beach. A cop drove by on the beach and we were sure I would get chased away...typical for one of my shoots....but we weren't!!! We got there a little late so when we parked I didn't pay...we just ran to catch the sunset as seen in the first shots below. So while walking back to the car we were sure that I would have a ticket...but we didn't!!!

We then went to the Disney Concert Hall in L.A. While shooting the shots in front of the curved building two cops rode by on bikes and asked if we were professionals. Kara immediately answered, "No," and they just kept going! This was really strange for me not to get harrassed. We had a great shoot and the reflections and angle of the building were just amazing!!!! The shoot lasted for over 4 hours and we finished close to 11:30pm. I dropped Kara off and started home.

I got on the phone with my wife and tried to follow the GPS at the same time. I was admittedly distracted and totally ran a red light....right in front of a cop. I got pulled over and ironic I've escaped the cops all night and here I get nailed for a red light. The cop comes up to the car and asks how I'm doing. By this point it's after midnight. I laugh and say, "Not very good." He asks me why and I reply, "Well, I just ran a red and I'm going to get a ticket."

He laughs and says, "Have you been drinking?" I laugh again and say, "I've never had a drink in my life." He then laughs and decides to give me a sobriety test!!!!!! Having truly never had a drink in my life....I found this amazingly hilarious and couldn't stop from laughing. He smelled my breath and said, "Well, no signs of drinking there." He then asked me to follow his finger from left to right. After a time or two I asked while many times do I have to follow your finger correctly to pass?" He then laughed and said, "You're not drunk, you're just funny." I then responded with, "I totally deserve a ticket, but if you could give me a warning that would be great." To top it off I was driving a rental car and didn't have the registration or rental agreement. He returned to the car ten minutes later with a verbal warning and told me to have a great night. I told him if he ever needed a photographer to give me a call. He was the coolest officer I've ever met....and it topped off a great shoot. Thanks to Kara for making it so great!!!