This was one of the funnest shoots I've ever done in my life. We convinced a bride to do a bridal shoot in the Lava Tubes in the Volcano National Park on the big island in Hawaii. She did a fantastic job and the funnest part about it was watching the thousands of visitors walk past us oohing, aahing, asking, "What are you doing?"...Is she a model?" etc.

Many of the observers starting taking pictures of the bride, and one of the funniest comments was after a man took a picture of the bride his wife said to him, "Now you can go home and tell people you got to take a picture of a supermodel." One of the tubes (caves carved out by lava 300 years ago) we went down required major flashlights just so you could enter. We shut the lights off quickly and it's amazing how pitch black really is PITCH BLACK when your in a cave.

The reason they assumed it was a model was because the bride is beautiful....and who in the world shoots a bridal session in a lava tube unless it's for a fashion magazine? It was a great experience, and believe it or not the dress wasn't that dirty at all! The posted pictures are from behind because the bride doesn't want me to use her name or face in case her groom sneaks a peek on the blog. So after the wedding with their permission I'll post some beautiful face shots as well.