I spent the last 4 days on the beautiful island of Maui. I was there with my buddies Gary and Michael. We were there working with some of the local hotels on some cool projects and didn't have time to screw around but we did manage to get out later in the evening and do some sightseeing around the island. We found this awesome tropical rain forest where the trees looked like they came straight out of a Hollywood movie set. We then went down to the water and I positioned myself for one of the shots of the water crashing on the rocks and became completely soaked when the wave slash continued over me. I managed to wake up and get some early morning sunrise shots as well. It was a blast.

Gary and Michael flew home while I've continued on to Oahu to do a shoot with a great surfer out here. My wife flew in to meet me in Oahu so she can be with me for the duration of my time here....plus this is where we had our honeymoon 9 years ago....so it's very special to be with her again. I'll make sure to post more shots as I take them!