I just returned from a fantastic wedding in Florida last weekend. It was a total Marine wedding which was great because my brother in law is an active Marine, and I truly respect all of our military servicemen and women that keep us safe. We started off the wedding at the hotel, moved to the chapel that was on base, and then to the Reception which was on the beach at the Officer's Club at the base in Pensacola. After the Reception we went out for a shoot on the beach and then found this unbelievable Lighthouse (I love lighthouses) and had a once in a lifetime shoot.

This couple was also the winner of the Best Photographer in Los Angeles competition...where I promised to shoot a wedding for free if I was fortunate enough to win the distinction of Best Photographer in Los Angeles. The couple was excited to have me come out to the wedding, but more importantly, I was THRILLED to provide something for them, and they were such a willing couple that it made for a super fun shoot. Let me know what you think about the pics...and which ones you like the most. I put up more than usual because the bride and groom wanted to be able to see some while on their honeymoon.