Always looking to try something different and to venture into a new realm of photography, I took the plunge and bought an infrared camera. I didn't do the whole conversion route of taking a standard digital and having it converted...I bought a Fujifilm IS-1 which is a great camera. I have tried to purchase the IS PRO but it is very hard to come by and you have to be affiliated with law enforcement to get one. These cameras are meant for forensic work, but have started to become popular for those photographers looking for a different look. I snapped these two shots yesterday literally while driving around. The first one I took through my windshield while sitting in traffic (very common for California), and the second one I took at a park. It may look like a winter wonderland but it's actually green trees and grass....pretty cool. I'm going to start using it slowly with weddings and other ventures (on a limited basis), but if you get it right it can provide some stunning effects. Let me know what you think!