I'm sitting here writing this blog listening to Collective Soul. If you haven't listened to them you should, they are great and they just released a new album called Afterwords. Well, the shoot in San Fran was FANTASTIC! Alyssa and Dan were so awesome and the pictures turned out great because of their enthusiasm and personalities.

One funny story....My videographer's name is Brady. We TOTALLY broke the law by placing him in the back of our Subaru Forester (which is a hatchback) so he could shoot the couple riding through the streets in a horse drawn carriage (anything for the shot right)? We had the hatchback door completely open on the back while he rode back (while we drove slowly) in front of the carriage to capture this incredible moment.
We captured about 5 minutes of this and then decided to drive back to the ceremony site to pick up our gear that we left (nothing smarter than leaving tens of thousands of dollars of equipment where anyone can get it right)? We planned on stopping and letting Brady jump into the front seat....well before we had the chance to do so we passed a cop car!!!!!!!!!!!

Luckily the cop car was stuck waiting to turn and couldn't follow right behind us....Brady tells me to step on it, turn into a side street to let him out before the cops catch up to us....I pulled over, Brady hopped out, and about 10 seconds later the cop car pulls in behind us. Brady by this point walked with the video gear into a shop to hide. I pull out to start driving and immediately the cop car pulls me over. He yells out his window to me, "Hey, do you have a kid sitting in your trunk/hatchback thing?" (By the way, Brady is 24 and looks very young). I rolled down the window and very honestly replied, "No." "Are you sure?" the cop asks me, "I could have SWORN I saw a kid sitting in your back." I replied, "You are more than welcome to check officer." He looked at me and looked pretty ticked off and then drove off shaking his head.

What's a Jason Lanier Photography wedding without a story right? It'd be nice to not always have drama, but we do anything to get the shot, and that usually leads to drama. Check out the shots of the wedding and let me know what you think. The complete shots and slideshow will be available later this week.