I am not superstitious but....

I traveled to NY for a wedding on Friday the 13th and, well, let's just say I won't travel on this day again!

1. I screwed up on the flight time and realized that the flight was 2 hours earlier than I had planned! I have never rushed so fast to make a flight.

2. Sat on the run way FOREVER! I guess we were number 50 in line on the runway!

3. Upon arrival we were sent to 3 different luggage carousels and after an hour the airport finally got it right and announced that our flight's luggage was finally comming on carousel 1. We started at 1, we were moved to 3, then 4, then back to 1!

4. The rental car company screwed up our reservation and the car rental for the comming week cost will cost me 1,300 total instead of the origional 600 total.

5. After my wife and I were finally on the road at 1am I was expressing how happy I was that something was now going right and then I got into the wrong lane on a bridge. It was an express lane and the gate would not open to let us through. I had no choice but to back up and get into the cash toll lane. Just my luck! A cop on foot saw us and pulled us over and made us wait for 30 minutes while he made me beg him to not give me a ticket!

6. When we went through the toll lane I had no cash!! I held up traffic another 15 minutes!

7. When we got to the Residence Inn we discovered that we did not get the friends and family rate because the fax from a friend never came through! We paid more than twice the amount I had planned on and then we got stuck on the second floor with ONLY stairs. My wife's suitcase was over 60 pounds! (I know! We paid an overwieght charge at the airport!) I need a chiropractor now!