Wedding traditions from around the world are so fascinating. So, every
day this week I will post some traditions that I find interesting. lists a variety of wedding traditions. For example:

"In Indonesia it is not uncommon for more than 1,000 guests to be invited
to the wedding reception and it is customary for the bride and the
groom to greet each guest in a long receiving line before the reception
festivities can begin."

And I thought the receiving line at my
wedding went on forever! Seriously though, what a great way to
personally thank every guest for attending your wedding.

"In Korea it is traditional for a fortune-teller, known as a kung-hap,
to look into the couple’s future before they are married in order to
see if they will live harmoniously together. A harmonious union is very
important since the engagement gifts alone for a traditional Korean
wedding can cost upwards of $40,000"

I guess if I was going to give a gift that expensive I too would want
some kind of guarantee that the new couple would stay together for a while!

Isn't that what we really hope for all newlyweds anyway? Expensive gift or
budget gift. We just want the new couple to enjoy a life long marriage
full of happiness.

"An early Filipino custom required the
groom to throw a spear into the front steps of his intended-bride’s
home. This was a dramatic symbol to everyone that she had been spoken
for. Today this tradition has been replaced with a gold engagement
ring. Today the majority of Filipino weddings are Catholic, but in days
gone by a Filipino wedding lasted three days, with ceremonies performed
each day until the third day when the couple joined hands and declared
their love for each other three times and their hands were bound
together with a chord and the priest declared them married."

If weddings in our day and time lasted for 3 days photographers would be rich!
Wouldn't three days be cool though? I hear so many brides complain that
their wedding day flew by too fast. Some did not even stop to enjoy a piece
of cake. If weddings lasted 3 days maybe we could stop and enjoy it a
little longer.