How many things can go wrong in one day? Oh let's count the ways.

1.A leak from the upstairs washing machine causing major damage to my ceiling and wood flooring in my family room. Fortunately our plumbing is still under warranty in our new home.

2.I ran out of gas on the way home-thank goodness close to a gas station (I was talking on the phone alright. I was not paying attention!)

3.A friend's daughter drew a nice picture on my leather couch with a sharpie marker (hey, no hard feelings. She is 2! My wife's fault for leaving the marker in her reach)

4.Same little adorable girl stained my living room rug (wife was cleaning the rug while little adorable girl found marker)

5.My son broke his toe

6.On the way out the door to the hospital for ex-rays of my son's foot my other son pulled on a cord and brought a lamp down on his face and he split his lip open

7.Our renters (in our condo by the lake) had a clogged toilet and decided to replace the toilet without asking us. They stayed a night in a hotel (huh? There are 2 bathrooms in the condo!) while the toilet was being replaced and decided that we should be paying for the hotel, food, and new toilet. Huh? I won't even mention how much the plumber is charging!

Yes, all this in one day. We will be moving out for a few days while some major work will be done in our home to fix the leak damage. Holes in walls, flooring torn up, washing machine out of use, now that is a reason to stay in a hotel for a few days!!