Jason Lanier WPPI Headquarters!!

Welcome to the Jason Lanier WPPI Headquarters!  We absolutely love attending the wppi convention and 2018 is gonna be our biggest year ever!  Below is a list of events where you can catch up with jason and his team to learn, shoot, or just party!!

Schedule of Events:

*February 26th- Rotolight Booth

*February 27th- Glamour Suite Shoot, Sony Booth, Rotolight Booth, Fedora Nation BOWLING Party

*February 28th- PHOTO WALK, Sony Booth, Rotolight Booth

March 1st and 2nd- 2 day Killing Your Competition Posing, Lighting and Composition Workshop


ROTOLIGHT / RTS BOOTH- CINEMATIC LIGHTING TECHNIQUES FOR PHENOMENAL STILLS- Join Jason Lanier for an in booth presentation on using cinematic lighting techniques for phenomenal still photography work at the Rotolight Booth.  Registration is FREE.  Dates and times are listed below.  We will be at booth #1155.  Click below to REGISTER now!

*Monday February 26th- 1pm

*Tuesday February 27th- 1pm

*Wednesday February 28th- 1pm



CHECK OUT THE LATEST AND GREATEST SONY HAS TO OFFER AT THE SONY BOOTH! Join Jason Lanier for in booth presentations and events at the Sony booth where he and other Artisans will discuss the latest and greatest that Sony has to offer and how it can impact your photography for the better.  Registration is FREE.  Dates and times are listed below.  We will be at booth #520.  Click below to REGISTER now!

*Tuesday February 27th- 11am

*Wednesday February 28th- 11am


Tuesday February 27th at 9pm- FREE Party in Vegas for Fedora Nation!!  We invite anyone to join us for a night of pure fun as we will head out for some food, dancing, maybe even some karaoke!  We always have a blast together and this gives photographers everywhere the chance to get together.  Even if you don't know anyone in Vegas, this is your chance to belong and to be part of a great group.  We can't wait to see you there!

Click below to register now:




Tuesday February 27th 5-7pm- Glamour Shoot in a 1,500 Square Foot Luxury Suite in Vegas!  This is your chance for an exclusive 10 person only event that will showcase beautiful ladies where beauty lighting techniques will be utilized to create stunning portraits.  This is from 5-7pm.  You Do NOT want to miss this!!  Click below to register now:



Wednesday February 28th- Photo Walk on the Vegas Strip!  Join Jason for a walk from 4:30-6:30pm that is a portfolio building educational experience.  We provide tons of lights, beautiful models, and you get to learn to take amazing shots. It's the perfect way to take advantage of your time at the WPPI convention experience!  Click below to register now!



March 1st and 2nd- Killing Your Competition, Lighting and Posing 2 Day Workshop with Jason Lanier with 1 on 1 Critiques!-  Join Jason for an incredibly hands on, real, and jam packed workshop that will accelerate your skills in a major way.  This workshop is designed to help photographers quickly learn what so many are missing, the keys to lighting that takes them out of the pack and puts them ahead of their competition.  This is a portfolio building workshop meaning everything you shoot you can use in your portfolio.  We can't wait to see you there!!  Click below to register now: