Becoming a Travel Model with Jason Lanier Photography is an opportunity to see the world, have your pictures in magazines, get exposure to major companies like Sony and Rotolight, and see and do things you may never see and do in your life again.  And believe us, IT IS FUN!  That being said, it is WORK.  Jason has built his career off of doing whatever it takes to get the shot and move his career forward.  He prides himself on a hard work ethic and works best with those who feel the same way.  Below is a brief description detailing this role and what you can expect.  

DESCRIPTION:  the Travel Model role is one where Jason pays for your travel as well as a day rate for you to travel the world shooting with him.  Depending on the assignment you may be traveling with just Jason or with Jason and his crew.  There will be many times on the road when you are not shooting but are out with Jason.  When you are on the road with Jason and not modeling you will be asked to assist Jason with whatever is needed in an assistant capacity.  Needs can include everything from office/computer work, serving as a personal assistant to Jason, to charging batteries at the end of the day.  Needs will vary as Jason is constantly trying new things so be prepared to learn and do a lot!  Your role is primarily a model, but be prepared to work to help Jason and the team out as needed.

This role is a muse for Jason to be able to create new ideas and new work.  Be prepared to shoot anything and everything.  Jason is pretty adventurous and likes to work to get very unique shots like the ones you see on his Youtube videos, in magazines and online.  Jason does work to ensure the safety of his models and crew and does not ask them to do anything that he knows to be dangerous.  

SCHEDULE:  this is not a normal 9 to 5 type of a role.  Typically a travel model will be with Jason about two weeks out of the month.  Jason is very aware that the travel lifestyle can be taxing and does make to sure to give people time off at home as well as time off on the road to recuperate.

EXPERIENCE:  Prior experience is not required as a model.  Ideally this role would be someone who has a primary interest in modeling but also someone who isn't afraid to pick up a camera and film or shoot something.  No photography experience is required but the person in this role will be trained in photography as part of the role.  This role may also appeal to a female photographer who doesn't mind being in front of the camera as much as they like being behind it.  Ideally those who know how to do their own hair and make up are a big plus because many times shoots are spontaneous while out on the road and just HAPPEN.  

LOCATION:  Jason is located in Southern California but you do not have to live there to be considered for this role.  However, living in Southern California will give you the added advantage of having local opportunities made available to you.  You do need to live within reasonable driving distance to a major airport though to be considered for this role.

Please note: this is a casting call meaning we are looking for a specific type of a model.  This type of model is a female between the ages of 18-35, in good shape, and energetic.

COMPENSATION: The first six months of this role is a trial period.  During this time Jason will pay for travel expenses as well as $125/day when out on the road with Jason and/or the team.  After the first six month trial period is over there is a significant increase in pay.  There are no medical/dental/retirement benefits provided with this role.  This role is serving as an independent contractor.

BEST SUITED FOR THE ROLE:  This role is best suited for those who are not too tied down to obligations at home or for those who have significant others who are going to want to have them home on a regular or consistent basis.  It's a pretty flexible and spontaneous life.  It's truly an adventure in every sense of the word.  For those who don't have a lot of obligations at home and are looking to do something in their life that they'll tell their kids and grandkids about some day, this is a tremendous opportunity.  For those who get easily homesick or are not spontaneous in nature, this role will be difficult for you.  For those with more of a free spirit, "Hey let's go do this!" type of a personality, this may be the chance of a lifetime.  

This is for those that are looking to do this first and foremost for the experience, for the adventure, and for the chance to do things that many people don't ever get to do.  In 2017 alone Jason and his travel models went to Cuba, Ireland, England, Dubai, London, Venice, Paris, Alaska, Miami, Hawaii, Toronto, Niagara Falls, Montreal, Vancouver, Washington DC, Las Vegas, Atlanta, the Caribbean, and many more locations, on land and on the sea.  You are pretty much jumping into the crazy life of Jason Lanier.

NEXT STEPS:  If all of the above sounds like a blast for you complete the online application below.  PLEASE NOTE:  As this is a casting call, if you fail to submit images of yourself you will not be considered for the position.  If you are selected for additional screening Jason or his team will schedule a Skype call with you to discuss further.  

We look forward to hearing from you and having you join us on an adventure in 2018!!!

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