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Join Jason Lanier and his brother Cameron Lanier as they create an Indie short Horror Film from the ground up!  This is a collaborative project where Jason and Cameron are looking for others to join in and help create what they hope will be a great project and movie.

Jason and Cameron are brothers and have worked together on many projects over the years.  Jason specializes in still photography, lighting, and documentary film making.  Cameron specializes in theater, commercial videography, and screenwriting.

The biggest thing they share in common?  Their love of horror movies.

Rotolight asked Jason if he could make a short horror film using the industry leading Rotolight Neo and Anova.  Jason called up Cameron to see if he had anything, and the rest is history.... 

They are combining their backgrounds to create Room For Rent, a story written by Cameron Lanier.  Jason and Cameron are looking for others to help them to collaborate on this project that they are looking to film in fall of 2015.

This is a labor or love for Jason and Cameron.  All participants will be participating for free, but will get major exposure on Jason's Youtube Channel and through other avenues.  This is your opportunity to get involved in a project from the ground up.

So how can you help and get involved?  They are looking for the following:

*Location (2 room apartment)


*Hair Stylist

*Make Up


So if you'd like to join in, please complete the form to the left and let us know what you can contribute to a project that we are sure will give you the experience of a lifetime...