Join Jason and Emily for Jason Lanier Unfiltered Episode 6 filmed on location at the Salton Sea! In this episode they discuss the creative balance that can be achieved when a photographer and muse team up together for success. They then breakdown the second part of their recently completed trip to Cuba where they describe a historic horseride expedition into the cigar fields followed by an in depth review of a shoot they did with the group in Havana in a mechanics garage.

The episode features discussions about their scouting and shooting out at the Salton Sea and how mastering your lenses can benefit your work tremendously. There's exclusive information and Jason's insight into how, why and when he uses a Smooth Trans Focus lens that will help others out there to be able to incorporate it into their work as well.

They wrap up the podcast by answering fan questions as part of their Ask Me segment. Topics include understanding recycle times on flashes as well as discussing how and when Jason shares his editing techniques. Below are the images included in the Podcast:

Podcast Minute Time Markers:

1:00- Serial killers lurking at the Salton Sea

2:00- How Emily styles herself for shoots like the Salton Sea

3:00- making great wardrobes for cheap

6:00- Finding a Muse- How it can change your work

7:20- History on the Salton Sea

9:05- Recapping the shoot done at the Salton Sea with many different lenses

10:45- Learning Yoga for modeling

12:00- Experimenting Together and Shooting Natural Light

13:13- Getting Stuck at the Salton Sea

14:55- Horseback Riding in Vinales, Cuba

16:05- Rolling Cuban Cigars

17:05- Photo Shoot at a Cuban Dryhouse

18:20- Is it ok to do a Photo Shoot with Cigars?

19:00- How to get good shots of people smoking

19:30- Shooting more narrow apertures to allow more of the background into your images

20:00- the joys of shooting with a Smooth Trans Focus lens

20:45- T stop vs. F stop values

22:30- Mastering Your Lenses

23:50- Shooting in a Cuban Mechanic’s Garage

30:20- Answering Audience Questions!

30:30- Recycle Times on Flashes

34:00 Conclusion

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