Join Jason and Emily as they broadcast from Santa Rosa Plateau and discuss key components related to the use of varying gear and camera brands. We live in a day and age where camera brands are producing excellent technology. Let’s face it folks, mirrorless is now! And we want to be able to explore these options and relay our findings with you.

After a week’s worth of studio shoots in Los Angeles, using Sony, Canon, and Olympus systems, Jason discusses the key take aways for photographers out there who are looking for honest feedback related to these systems.

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Below are the timeline show notes to follow along:

1:11 Becoming a Californian

2:33 Getting the Podcasts Going

3:00 Familiarizing Yourself with Jason’s Blog

3:49 Expanding and Rebranding

4:45 Providing Education

5:26 Mirrorless is Now!

6:50 The Commonality of Switching Systems

7:19 Believing in the Mirrorless Platform

7:50 Curiosity Leads to Opportunities

9:15 Needing a Challenge

10:12 Using YouTube to Grow Your Channel

10:41 The Olympus Project


14:03 Using the Right Lighting to Create

16:11 Discussing Pros & Cons with the Olympus


17:30 Providing Adequate Feedback to Attendees using Different Systems

18:23 Using the Canon EOSR

19:03 Describing Pros & Cons with the Canon EOSR

20:04 Describing our Experience at GPPA


22:22 Choosing the Right Gear that Works for You

24:34 Trying not to “Over Gear You”



25:38 Sneak Peek, Adventures in London: Spray Painted Face in Grafitti Tunnels

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