Join Jason and Emily for Episode 5 of Unfiltered live from Vinales, Cuba!! This was filmed when they were leading a group on a Photo Excursion over many parts of Cuba and they have some really fun stories to share as well as tips on traveling to this mysterious place. From the struggle to get past customs, getting models their lost bags, dealing with taxis where prices change, singing with rastafarians and more, this episode is jam packed with fun stories and insightful information!


Show Notes and Timeline:

*Intro- Welcome to Cuba!

*1:30- What it’s like coming into Cuba

*3:45- Off the Grid- limited or no wifi or internet connectivity

*4:45- Going through security in Havana, models losing bags, getting through customs, and MAGIC!

*6:35- Dealing with the Lost and Found at the Airport in Havana

*7:25- Taxi and transportation experiences in Cuba

*10- Breakfast service in Cuba

*11:05- Street Photography on the streets of Havana

*12:30- Shooting a Rastafarian and singing a song

*16:30- Getting offered recreational fun in Havana

*17:30- Shooting in Old Havana

*21:05- Eating Dinner where the Rolling Stones ate

*23:10- Emily’s Favorite Cuban Foods

*24:30- Taxi Rip Off Stories

*27:30- Shooting at El Morro Castle

*29:00- Teaching Posing

*30:25- Heading to the small town of Vinales

*32:30- Wrong Way Tractor Trailer

*34:00- Feeding the Dogs and creating Lord of the Flies

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