This portion of the website is meant to help prepare models for a shoot with Jason Lanier. We discuss the three different options for shooting with us which include: TFI (Time For Images), PTM (Pay to Model), and PTP (Pay to Photographer). These choices offer different options available to the model and to Jason Lanier Photography and are meant to help the model and photographer both get the best results possible. Please direct all further questions to Emily at We hope you're ready for an amazing shoot. We can't wait to work with you soon!

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TFI- Time For Images

Time for Images is an arrangement where both the photographer and the model are working for free.  The Photographer is giving their time and photography ability in exchange for the models time and modeling ability. Neither party pays each other.  Images are provided to the model.

Jason primarily does TFI shoots when he has a concept he wants to try, a new piece of gear that he wants to practice with, or a new look he wants to do.

Jason provides images to TFI models as quickly as possible, but paid work is given a precedence in the order it's processed.  TFI concepts, shoots etc are only taken by Jason when it is something he wants to shoot.


Pay to Model is an arrangement where the photographer pays the model for the shoot and the model is not provided with any images.  Payment is ONLY made via PayPal; there are no cash payments.

When Jason does a PTM shoot he chooses the theme concept, wardrobe and anything associated with the shoot.

The model must sign a release prior to the shoot in order to receive compensation.  Pay is provided at the conclusion of the event.  There is no promise when or if the images or work will be published. A paid model will not receive images.  Models who want images should choose a TFI or PTP arrangement instead of the PTM.


Pay to Photographer is an arrangement where the model pays the photographer for the shoot they want to do.  Jason can certainly help with concepts, ideas, etc. but the shoot is at the discretion of the model as to where, when, and how it is done.

PTP shoots are for those models looking to get Jason to help them build or enhance their portfolio.  A model would choose this option over a TFI shoot if the shoot is something that the model wants to do but doesn't fit into what Jason may want or need to shoot at the time.

Rates for a PTP shoot vary based upon location, duration, and when the shoot needs to be done.  This is the best option for models who want to capture their idea for a shoot.  Work is processed before any TFI work is completed.


RULES & Expectations FOR TFI or PTM shoots

Jason has been shooting models for a long time.  As a leader in the photography industry Jason knows what goes into making shoots successful.  As such Jason has the following rules and requirements for his TFI and PTM shoots.  For PTP shoots the requirements are lifted.

  • Escorts- are allowed for minors only. Minors may be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Adult models may not bring an escort such as a friend or significant other. After repeated occasions, the presence of a model’s significant other typically has negative affects on the shoot (i.e. the model becomes distracted, the model feels uncomfortable working in front of their significant other, the model and their partner begin to have tension). We hope this is notion is understood.

  • Pics, videos, and cellphones- models are NOT allowed to take pictures or videos of the shoot for social media or personal use. The shoot is the intellectual property of Jason Lanier. Many times Jason is shooting new concepts with prototype gear that isn't permitted to be released to the public. A quick selfie will almost always be allowed but with permission at the end of the shoot. It is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED that you AVOID TEXTING and USE OF PHONES WHILE WORKING! :)

  • Wardrobe - Based on the shoot’s concept, the model will discuss wardrobe options with Emily. Emily can be contacted via email at No bras or undergarments are allowed to be worn as they cause indentations on the models skin, protruding lines in clothing, discoloration of clothing worn over the underwear etc. These items present unnecessary editing for Jason and therefore he does not allow them unless they are the the actual piece of clothing being used for the shoot. If any sensitive or private area of a model is captured in an image as a result it will be edited out of the image to make it appropriate for publishing.

  • Hair/Make Up- No MUA will be provided; please come hair and makeup ready. We prefer dramatic makeup, as if you were going to a wedding or doing a fashion shoot.

  • Video- filming can take place for potential use by Jason Lanier Photography for marketing, Youtube etc.

RELEASE for TFI and PTM Shoots

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Paid compensation will be provided within 72 hours of the final working day, through PayPal only. Jason will make the PayPal payment to the model by copying the PayPal email address, provided by the model, directly from the release. If the model misspelled their PayPal information (i.e. PayPal email is incorrect in the release or PayPal link is incorrect in the release) Jason Lanier is not required to resend Payment.
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