We are coming to St. Louis!!

Come and join me in St. Louis, Missouri for a 2.0 hour photo walk where we help you get the education, inspiration, and push forward to move your photography journey to the next level! key areas of learning at the photo walk include posing, lighting, composition and learning where to shoot your subjects to get the best results. click below to register now!



*When: April 22, 2019

*meeting location: Courtyard St. Louis Downtown at 2340 Market Street At Jefferson · Saint Louis

*Hours: 5:00pm - 7:00PM

*Tuition Cost: $249- early bird gets in for only $219!

*Skill Level: The photo walk is applicable to all skill levels

*Necessary Gear: All attendees should have a DSLR or Mirrorless camera. Camera brand doesn’t matter. Lights or advanced lenses are not required. You will have access to lighting equipment at the workshop.

*Group Size: between 8-14 people. We like to keep the group sizes small to allow for a better learning environment where every attendee can get individual training from Jason.

*What’s Included? Tuition for the photo walk

What’s Not Included? Hotel Accommodations and Airfare (if needed), and meals are the responsibility of the photo walk attendee.

Key Components of Learning for This Course:


REAL World Shooting Conditions: something that has set photo walks apart from other photography photo walks is his push to provide scenarios as you’ll experience them in the real world as a photographer.

This isn’t a photo walk where you follow the instructor around as he takes images and you just copy what he/she does. This photo walk teaches you to do it for yourself.

It’s about making you BETTER for reals.


mini workshop: many of Jason’s photo walk attendees have commented on how the photo walks are like a mini workshop. Jason purposely built them this way to make them affordable for more people and to give people an idea as to what a full on workshop would be like.

Many Photo walks provided are just shooting based and not based on actual education. Jason prides himself on providing real information and knowledge to his attendees so they can take what they learn and apply it to their work immediately.


Lighting: Photography is defined as “Painting with Light.” In a world that’s full of aspiring photographers the BIGGEST differentiating factor in setting yourself out from the industry is LIGHTING.

In this photo walk jason will take the attendees around to different outdoor locations showing how to light and shoot based upon what is best given the environment the group is in.

Techniques can include LED, Natural Light, Off Camera Flash, Diffusers, Reflectors and more.


Posing: one of the most difficult things for photographers out there is the art of posing and making the human form flattering.

As a photographer your primary role is to make your clients look the best they can look and do so quickly. Jason’s approach to posing is very straightforward that teaches anyone how to pose their subjects in a systematic way that guarantees results.

The photo walk in a mini crash course in posing and helps many photographers to get on the right path in their approach to posing.


Communication: One of the most common attributes that all successful photographers have is the ability to effectively communicate and connect with their subjects. This is something that’s difficult for a lot of people to do well.

In this photo walk Jason demonstrates and teaches how he uses communication to create amazing results that can help all of the attendees transfer it to their own work.