Jason has been shooting with models since the start of his professional career.  Wanting to build a strong portfolio, Jason sought out models to shoot to improve his experience and build a portfolio that would enable him to get hired.

Years later Jason still loves shooting with models, and now gives them the opportunity to shoot with him to build, enhance, or update their portfolios.

Jason is available for fashion, publication, and shoots all around the world and can't wait to work with all the wonderful models out there.


Portfolio Building

Building a portfolio for models is one of the hardest things to do.  How do you build a portfolio that contains so many different styles of shots, so many different looks?  How do you know you're going to the right photographer who has your best interests at heart and wants to help you build your dreams?

Hiring Jason to help you build your portfolio takes care of all of these concerns and more.  Jason has won awards for wedding, studio, pin up, portrait, landscape and photojournalism photography making him a highly qualified and experienced photographer to help you capture the look you need to build a portfolio that will help get you the jobs you want to get.


One of the hardest things for newer models is knowing exactly what's expected of them as a model.  How do they prepare?  What is a real professional photo shoot like?  How do they prepare themselves for their big break?

Jason helps models overcome these obstacles by teaching them posing, the behind the scenes of how professional shoots take place and what is required of models.  He also teaches them how to improvise and make the most out of what they have using their existing wardrobe and other creative ways to achieve gorgeous results on a limited budget.  Jason also helps models with bigger budgets create a look that they and their clients will LOVE.


Perhaps the most important thing for any model is exposure.  No matter how beautiful, handsome, or talented you are, it doesn't matter if nobody knows WHO you are.

Jason has a significant reach on social media that can models can tap into for their benefit.

Jason's Youtube Channel has millions and millions of views, and for those models that hire Jason for a shoot and video, their name, pictures, social media links and more are shared.  We can also provide a documentary of the model to show the world who they are.  There's never been an easier way to get the exposure you need to get the jobs you want.